The correct choice of nutriment taken before, during and after any sport, at the right time and in an appropriate quantity can radically improve (or worsen) an athlethic performance and its following recovery period. For sportsmen at any level, a vegan diet can be the winning choice: it is rich in elements essential for the human organism.

Davide obtained a marked improvement following his conversion to a vegan diet: this improvement affected his digestivery, respiratory and immunity sysytems and thus in his overall sportive performances. He is my reference when testing recipes and adjusting the correct proportions of dried fruits - flours - protein - seeds -spices...His remarks are essential. His organism has harsh treatment almost daily and this for so many years, that it is essential for his nourishment to be of good quality, tasty and energising.

PRE-TRAINING: Avoid starting if hungry or without a sufficient reserve of energy. Food intake should reduce hunger, supply enough carbohydrate for energy production and limit intestinal problems. Davide always has a nourishing well-balanced breakfast (quinoa/millet or gluten free oat porridge, banana, green tea...) and about 30 mns before leaving for a long training session, he eats a REBELBAR or REBELBOMB or fresh fruit with almonds or walnuts...: in other words he eats and never rides off on an empty stomach but, without an excess of protein, fat or fiber which could increase acidity in the stomach or create intestinal problems.

DURING TRAINING: Above all, it is essential to drink regularly to allow the muscles to be fully hydrated, the body temperature to be controlled and to enhance the blood circulation. Davide drinks about 200ml every 15mn during training: more if the weather is warm. He eats an energy-rich REBELBAR or dried fruit (apricots, figs..) with some almonds/walnuts every 60 to 90 mn: more often during intense periods of effort.

POST-TRAINING: The spent energy must be replaced straight away: protein intake will help muscle reconstruction and the replacement of lost liquids and minerals is also important. Davide eats immediatly after training, even before showering: 1 Rebelbomb (or some seasonal fruit: grapes figs...with 2/3 walnuts or almonds). After showering, he has a nutritious proteinic and energizing snack (such as a quinoa or millet porridge with a dose of vegan protein, raisins, seeds...or a chia pudding with dates, shredded coconut ... or if it is hot a proteinic and energising smoothie (such as banana-kiwi- avocado with a dose of vegan protein, seeds, coconut milk...) and continues to hydrate his body by drinking water (and in winter 'detox' broth) while waiting for the dinner!

REBELBARS and REBELBOMBS are loaded with "good-for you" ingredients and come in useful for everybody, on many occasions, ideal as:

- A nutritious and savory breakfast
- A great source of energy before workout
- A quick energy boost during workout
- A perfect regenerating snack after workout
- A delicious and balanced dessert to help you stay in peak form
- A handy and healthy pick-me-up treat for family and friends…
- A convenient on-the-go snack to toss in your pocket or in your bag for a hearty-healthy bite!


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