I have some good news for you: cooking and eating vegan is easy!! Yes: easy, simple, pleasant and gourmet as well as being healthy! I hope that as you navigate through these recipes you will discover just how much the choice to cook vegan can become a festive occasion: a pleasure not only to prepare and present but also to taste, to enrich body and heart whether it be at mealtimes, when training or in everyday life, involved in competitive sport, for a celebration or simply on holiday!

I am delighted to be able to share my preparations with you: they are all simple with the aim to bring pleasure, health and love together... all on the same plate! These dishes are without any gluten, animal or refined products: I try to choose seasonal organic products with a short shelf life when possible. These recipes are ideal for everyone, whether sportive or not, vegan or not, intolerant or allergic to gluten or not.

This passion for vegan cooking is a reflection of my personal convictions and especially of my deep love of animals. Cooking vegan, being conscious of what we are eating and why, combined with the necessity to satisfy Davide's need, has turned out to be a perfect alchemy! I try to produce tasty dishes that are original, simple and practical... and at the same time healthy and well-balanced to provide enough energy for a professional sportsman: one who carries his physical efforts to their very limits... and beyond.

Another piece of good news: yes, it is possible to be sportive at a high level without having to consume animal proteins. There is no so-called deficiency of amino-acids and protein in a vegan diet. On the contrary, a well-balanced vegan diet can provide all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals for a healthy organism (it has even radically improved Davide's digestive, respiratory and immune systems and increased his recovery rate after racing or training... it has also improved my own general health).

I have no nutritional formation but after much reading and documentation on the subject, I have become especially interested in the different properties of the food we consume and in how they can best be combined and mixed to optimise their properties.

I do hope my recipes will encourage you to be creative! Use your own intuition! there is absolutly no need to stick to the recipe: experiment with different spices, use some other vegetal milk, another fruit, substitute the almond cream with another... When cooking, as in any activity, I really do think it is important to USE ONE'S INTUITION!

The dishes presented here can also be ideas for those allergic or intolerant to milk derivatives, eggs or gluten. A vegan way of cooking and eating can be a great opportunity to combine energy, fantasy, healthy meals… and at the same time a lovely way to develop more respect for animals... and for one's self!