Training with Davide Rebellin is a unique experience: two or three days (depending on the time of year) during which one can speak freely about and share one's passion with Davide in a simple and relaxed way.
Such days are full of emotions and are a wonderful opportunity to cover some exceptional training routes frequented by many professional cyclists during the year between Monaco, Menton, Nice and in the mountains beyond. Different courses are also organised in Toscany, Spain and other interesting places so as to satisfy the maximum of cyclists and at the same time to offer as pleasant and satisfying a stay as possible!

An unlimited number of subjects will come under discussion: training, alimentation, mechanics....and each participant will have a chance to ask questions, give his ideas and express his passion.

An exceptional opportunity to meet and share a common passion -that of cycling- with the greatest respect for the needs and limits of the body, mental motivations and heartfelt enthusiasm

As Davide says "We are always on the right road when we feel enthusiasm and love".

Davide Coato, cypwheels

Thank you very much Davide Coato, you have presented so well everything.

I would like to achieve during the Training Camps: just so much simple and sincere devotion to cycling. These Training Camps are also an excellent opportunity to share our 'positive motivation', relieving if necessary the stress and duty (mental pressures which weaken) and to encourage motivation towards pleasure, amusement and passion (mental attitudes which strengthen).
I am quite convinced that real ambition (we can also call it motivation or enthusisam) has an immense influence on one's health and physical capacity by making one happier!

The Training Camps will also be an occasion to evaluate with serenity one's personal potential and at the same time to evaluate one's limits and capacities and produce self-confidence in one's ability.
It is not a question of arrogance (which often hides a lack of self-confidence) but a healthy and sincere self-confidence which gives force and courage.
Those who have a realistic idea of their capacities are more self-confident than those who do not; as we are strengthened by concentration on our strong points.
Training one's mental to be confident is actually an essential factor which I would so much like to trasmit because it allows for an easier approach to one's objectives.
A healthy and positive self-confidence can only produce healthy and positive results!

To have fun would certainly be a first objective! Cycling is above all an amusement, a pleasure, a passion: a wonderful way to express emotions filled with love... and it will be magic to share these emotions with you!

See you soon !


Davide Rebellin Rebelcamp
Davide Rebellin Rebelcamp

If you feel like cycling with me for one or two or several days, send your possible dates to ... according to our respective possibilit├ęs, i will be very happy to share our passion together.

Davide Rebellin Rebelcamp
Davide Rebellin Rebelcamp