Aude Aliquid Dignum

There are times in life which represent an opportunity to  question whether, in spite of everything we have managed to remain faithful and in harmony with ourselves, our wishes and our heart's desire.

This site is rather like a mirror, making me look inwards, discovering a way of life made rich from lessons learnt and which have made me what I am today.

So many roads cycled along, millions of kilometers, millions of different emotions, millions of words and thoughts kept hidden because for me cycling is so much easier than talking!

My main goal has always been the same: work hard steadily and with perseverance giving the very best of my abilty, in spite of ups and downs, of impossible passes and steep descents, of tumbles and of successes; but always with the same strong determination to continue ahead and to defend my passion.

Thanks to my sport, I have learnt so much and continue to do so.

Thanks to my family I am still standing up.

Thanks to my wife, Fanfan, I have found Love.

Thanks to you I am still here, more determined than ever to continue doing my best.

I wish you enough PERSEVERANCE to make your dreams come true.

I wish you enough DETERMINATION to keep on going forward.

I wish you will never want to change your AGE but rather your way of thinking if necessary to always believe in yourself and in your capabilities.

I wish you to invest as much LOVE as possible in your activities, your family, your life and for Nature and animals.

I wish you to DARE SOMETHING WORTHY, listening to your heart-feeling and not so much to reason, because life should not be lived with regret but with passion.

I wish you the very BEST!

With passion...


Perserverance makes it possible to go beyong personel limits and to continually improve, by following a mental and physical discipline with good will.  This repeated effort with faith will strengthen body and mind and will make all the difference. Cycling teaches us not only how to fall but also how to stand up again and continue going forward.

The answer on 'HOW' to manage can be found if  the 'BECAUSE' is strong!


If you believe resolutely in yourself and in your dream, you will be determined. The rule is never to be discouraged by ostacles that stand on the way or by the opinion of others.
When a hurdle appears, become even more determined: roll up your sleeves and GO AHEAD.


You are as old as you think you are!

I don't put limits on my competitive capacities. I FEEL able to still be competitive, and also feel that the body reacts to what I believe and not to its age.

We cannot change our age, only our way of thinking and the body co-operates perfectly and reacts with precision to mental thoughts.

Our potential  depends not so much on age (or what others may think) but on our personel level of self-confidence.

I am always telling myself - with conviction, passion and determination - that I WILL MAKE IT!!

The heart stays young and the body will follow, just as long as dreams exist.


To maintain such a long career, it is essential to be fired by passion and a sincere love of the sport.

This enthousiasm acts as a shield, knocking down barriers and relieving the weight of sacrifices that could weaken the mind.

Having such a great passion gives force and courage. PASSION CAN REMOVE MANY A DIFFICULTY!

Feelings of love and enthousiasm always indicate that we are on the right path... these positive feelings help cross many satisfying finish-lines.


These last few years I have become especially sensitive to animal causes: my wife is very close to animals: this has awaken a different and stronger sensibility on my part too.

Following a magic encounter with 'Fox', a fox which I see often on my training route, an special frienship has developed and a confidence which has marked me and increased my respect for animals.

One night, I dreamed I was in a restaurant surrounded by food which consisted largely of meat.  As I attacked a plateful of this meat, Fox appeared, looking fixedly at me: he seemed to be saying "I thought we were  good friends ... why are you eating all this meat?";  I woke up, feeling quite emotional and have since decided to eliminate meat from my diet, by respect for the animal world;  this choice has had beneficial results on my general health:  my respiratory, digestive and immunity systems are also greatly reinforced.


AUDE ALIQUID DIGNUM means: Dare something worthy.

This latin quotation from the XVI centuary is the one I chose to have tattooed on my skin to remind me daily that life should be lived by giving the best of oneself.

For me a dignified worthy life means correcting every negative or mediocre thought and trying continually to improve.

To be humble enough to use experience as a precious way to improve.

I am always reminding myself that
- Work is a pleasure
- Cycling is a pleasure
- Taking part in races is a pleasure
- Sharing my passion with you is a joy and a chance

THANK YOU, Davide.